Project Updates

Meter Reading Project: Approximately 47 Meters left, leaving 3 school meters

Pipe Replacement Project: We are at 87% completed and are waiting to resume project because of an underground storage tank that wasn't registered, therefore it had to be tested and registered to make sure it was safe to put water pipes nearby.

CDBG Phase 1(Marshall Road and Part 1 of Drainage):

Project Task
Approval from Indian Tribes (Completed)
Easements from Land owners (Completed and waiting on approval)
Specs Submitted for Approval (Submitted not Approved at the this time)
Put out for Bid
Award Bid Package to a Contractor
Start Project
Finish Project

CDBG Phase 2 (Part 2 of the Drainage)
Applied for funding
Results are usually found out in Late August and Early September

Fire Truck Project:
Pre Approval (Completed)
Award Letter (Completed)
Write up Specs
Approval of Specs
Closing Date on Loan from USDA
Order Truck
Receive Truck

Please check back weekly for updates.

Updated: 7/12/19 4:15pm
Mayor Sarah Crocker